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1957 Piper PA-22-150



Year:               1957
Type:               Piper PA-22-150
Registration:    N7845D
Airframe TT:   2245
Engine:            150 HP
Engine Time:   14 SMOH Penn-Yan
Propeller:         14 since O/H


MX-11 Comm                           New
Soft Com 4 place intercom        New
Narco AT-150 TXP                   Overhauled
Narco AR-850 Encoder             Serviced
Ameri-King AK 450 ELT          New

EXTERIOR          10+

INTERIOR            10+ New Leather


This aircraft is for a serious buyer with the desire to own and fly one of the finest PA-22s available. The aircraft was purchased by Dave and restored at our facility to the highest standards. It retains the original engine, propeller and all major components. No expense was spared in an effort to return it to original condition except for new avionics and a Leather interior. It has been awarded Grand Champion at Sentimental Journey 2006, Grand Champion Oshkosh 2006 and waits for a new owner to share in the delight of traveling in a like new 1957 PA-22.

Price: $65,000
Contact: Dave Fancett
308 Tower St
Waterville, NY


AMT    PART #                                     DESCRIPTION
1 13432-00 Windshield by Great Lakes Aero
4 1080HD Shock Cords
1 RG-35A Concord Aircraft Battery
1 AK-450 Ameri-King ELT
1 ATC-4P Soft Comm Intercom
1 MX-11 TKM Transceiver
1 12046-07 Dakota outboard aileron rib left
1 12046-08 Dakota outboard aileron rib left
2 453-126 Wing tip bows
1 12560-00 Nav light bracket
1 11417-04 Exhaust tail pipe
1 10843-03 Carb heat shroud top
1 10764-03 Carb heat shroud lower
8 71032 Rubber engine mounts
3 CCA-160 Quick drains
1 37B19774-374 Generator belt
3 U70591-02 Exhaust clamp
1 12V Sky-Tec High torque starter
1 95527 Oil temp adapter
1 U14257-00 Piper Scoop
1 15127-00 Nose Cowl
4  Seat Belt
1 U71061-00 Piper oil hose
2 454-919 Piper clip
1 13217-00 Fender assembly
1 13216-00 Bracket assembly
3 600-6 Goodyear tire
  All side glass

The following is a copy of the Log book entry:

Aircraft removed from service in an airworthy condition on April 2005 for the following repairs:
     All fabric portions were stripped, metal frame members bead blasted and three coats of Epoxy primer applied. All fabric replaced with Ceconite #102 and finished with SuperfliteVI Urethane liquids. Top colors are the original  Sunvalley Ivory and Sacramento Green. See 337 this date.
    All Aluminum interior and exterior panels were fabricated from new stock, epoxy primed and top coated to match. Interior detailed with an Airtex Wool headliner, floor carpet and  all seat cushions upholstered with German Leather supplied by Perone Leathers. See attached burn test results.
    The following new parts were installed: Windshield supplied by Great Lakes Aero, all side plexiglass, four1080HD shock cords, Concord aircraft battery #RG-35A S/N 40120311, Ameri-King Model AK-450 ELT, S/N 480037, Soft Comm panel mount intercom #ATC-4P S/N 256096, Right and Left outboard aileron ribs by Dakota Cub see 337 this date, 24 inspection covers, two wing tip bows, one nav light bracket, exhaust tail pipe, both carb heat shroud, and all scat tubing.
     Four lift strut forks Magnafluxed by Aircraft Specialty Services with 369hr total time.
Sensenich propeller overhauled  by East Coast propellers.
     The original Lycoming 0-320-A2B engine  S/N #L8117-27 overhauled to new limits by Penn Yan Aero, and installed with eight new mounting rubber mounts.
     The following equipment was removed: Narco MK-12 comm, EBC ELT, Grimes Beacon, ASTS Loran and antenna, see new actual weight and balance this date.
New empty weight with oil is 1159 lbs. Useful load is 841 lbs C.G. is 69.13
     Aircraft assembled with all new AN hardware and rigged per the Piper Maintenance manual. All controls checked for proper travel and direction. Engine ground run and leak checked satisfactory. ELT operation checked per FAR 91.207d OK, battery due March 2010.
C/W AD 57-22-01          Insulation and firewall  no insulation, firewall sealed   Due 2349
C/W AD 60-10-08          Fuel Selector ident  valve lubricated                              Due 2349
C/W AD 64-05-04          Upper Oleo bearing inspected and lubricated                Due 2749
C/W AD 68-05-01          Muffler inspected visual                                                 Due 2345
C/W AD 74-17-04          Fabric reinforcement                                                      Due 2349
C/W AD 76-07-12R-1    Bendix ignition switch                                                   Due 2349
C/W AD 95-03-02          Brackett air filter gasket inspected                                 Due 2349
C/W AD 96-12-07          Bendix impulse coupling new                                        Due 2749
C/W AD 99-01-05          Wing lift struts punched                                                 Due 6-08
C/W AD 99-01-05           Strut forks magnafluxed                                                Due 2749    


Eaton Aviation
4201 Route 26 - Eaton, NY 13334

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